For most of you these guidelines will just be common sense and that’s perfectly OK but it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

Our wish at SYE is that you’ll always have fun wearing our watches over time.

So please follow these recommendations. Keep calm and Start Your Engine!


OK, unlike your teeth, we do not wash our watch every day.

If you wish or if the watch case really needs it, take a toothbrush (yes that old toothbrush) and use it with soapy tap water to clean the case. Then, take your softest cloth to dry the beast completely.


Your SYE MOT1ON is water resistant up to 50M (5 ATM).

Practically that means that the watch case can stand water droplets our light rain. It can take part in your bath or shower but it has to stay in the locker if you ambition to swim or dive. But guys, we’re OK, bath and shower are forbidden for your leather strap.

The watch water resistance is guaranteed with gaskets. Normal ageing of these gaskets but also accidental shocks can compromise the watch water resistance, so do not hesitate to have it checked regularly, ideally once a year.


We selected the best leathers to build the Fastback™ straps and we have taken every step to make sure your Fastback™ strap stays with you as long as possible.

That’s why we strongly encourage you to follow those recommendations :

  • Sorry to insist ;) but no bath or shower with your strap. No (open water) swimming sessions nor bathing in the sea.
  • Avoid spraying or directly apply creams or perfumes on your strap.
  • Remove your strap before any domestic works or do-it-yourself sessions to prevent potential damage.

Leather is a living and unique material. Therefore, it is absolutely natural that the straps vary in appearance between each other and vary in appearance over time.

Every strap will acquire its own patina over time, your unique patina.

As a reference, depending on your sweat and your natural activity, natural leather wristbands have a limited lifespan and are estimated from 6 months to 1 year for normal daily use.

Our Fastback™ straps use leather liners respecting the REACH regulation. But in some case reactions or allergies may occur.

POWER RESERVE (MOT1ON Automatic Twenty-Four)

The functioning of a self-winding mechanical movement depends on your wrist movements. When fully wound, the watch will have its maximal power reserve (42h).


Like you, your watch hardly withstands excess. So please avoid sudden temperature changes (hot/cold and vice-versa). Also avoid extreme temperatures (above 60°C / 140°F or below 0°C/32°F).

Your watch will better withstand a long sun exposure than your skin but these exposures can alter the movement oils, harden prematurely the gaskets and alter the color rendering of your watch.


It may be obvious to state that a wristwatch hardly withstands violent shocks and daily dents. Even if the watch movements are conceived to partly absorb these shocks, they are nonetheless delicate.

We recommend you to avoid any shocks, vibrations, violent accelerations or accidental falls especially if you practice tennis, golf, extreme sports, do-it-yourself or gardening (lawnmower especially).


Even this title sounds frightening. In all cases, avoid any direct contact with solvents, detergents, perfumes or cosmetic products that will surely harm your strap, the watch case, the bezel and the glass coating.


Magnetic fields are not your watch movement’s best friends. So stay away from intense magnetic fields sources such as loudspeakers, refrigerators, computers and even some bags magnetic closure clasps or tablet and smartphone covers.